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powered knowledge base at your customers’ service Designed based on the powerful and popular WordPress CMS Easy and fast full-text search of knowledge and access to all required information Various, quick and easy customization of the template to achieve the desired look Introduction of knowledge base experts and specialists and the possibility of ranking them Providing useful and professional reports for effective management and evaluation of knowledge

Dana demos

Dana Template Demos And Variations

Dana, WordPress Knowledge Base Theme

Setup a new knowledge base in seconds
Looks great on any device width=

Responsive, Looks great on any device

Dana looks fantastic on desktop, laptop, tablets and phones. Customers can access your knowledge base whatever device they use.

Professional, standard and beautiful design

Working with Dana will be a pleasant and wonderful experience for your employees and customers. Our experts have used their many years of experience in the field of UX and UI to provide a beautiful and attractive template.
Also, the latest SEO standards have been used to optimize the site in search engines.

Quick and easy search for knowledge

Quick and easy search for knowledge

Dana's fast and powerful search has made it possible to search the full text of knowledge. Also, using AJAX technology allows your users to quickly get the knowledge and information they need.

Categories of topics and easy navigation

You can easily create diverse and nested categories for the topics you want and quickly access the knowledge you want among these topics.
Also, the knowledge tree section will display the topics and categories of the knowledge base in a conceptual and comprehensible way.

Easy to customize Easy to customize without programming

Easy to customize

Using Dana's personalization feature, you can easily change the appearance and features of your knowledge management site to your liking without needing programming knowledge.

Template color
Use default colors or color palette
Logo and backgrounds
Changing the logo and all background images
Site blocks
Changing the template blocks as desired
Topics and articles
How to display, count and sort
Expert information
Displaying the information of knowledge base experts
Security settings
Limiting access to information
Create useful and excellent articles

Create useful and excellent articles

Dana's knowledge management template is designed based on Wordpress, and this powerful CMS allows you to easily create useful and attractive articles. You can also use the features of Bootstrap 5.2 and Fontawesome 6 in your articles.

Audience comments

Get to know the opinions of your audience by using the option of voting on articles and also adding comments. These facilities will help you in better knowledge management and evaluation.

Knowledge base reports and statistics

Provide professional and useful reports

For the success of the knowledge base and continuous and professional monitoring of its performance, Dana provides you with special statistics and reports on the functioning of the knowledge base, the rate of growth and popularity of articles, and the rate of successful and unsuccessful searches.

Dana helps you to identify low-visited or weak articles and understand the needs of your audience by reviewing the searches, and in this way, evaluate your articles better.

Dana theme features

Dana Knowledge Management WordPress theme has all the features you need to create and manage a successful knowledge management website

Dana's knowledge base system is a safe and easy way to manage your organization's knowledge. With a few minutes of your time, you can view and check its wonderful features.