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Written by admin on July 22, 2023

Dana Knowledge Base is a powerful WordPress theme for managing the knowledge of your organization and company.

Why choose Dana?

Dana turns your WordPress powered site into a help center for your product or service, it organises your content into a Knowledge Base where customers can access support articles 24/7.
Using this theme you can:

  • Reduce time and money spent on repetitive support queries
  • Provide a support center for customers to learn and discover more about your products
  • Transform frustrated support emails into happy, loyal customers

Dana, simple and beautiful

A clean and focused design ensures that customers can access information quickly and efficiently, your content is well presented and further support is always available with a ticketing system or email form.

Responsive design

Dana is designed with Bootstrap version 5.2 platform. This platform allows your website to perform best on all devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. If you are familiar with the many features of Bootstrap, you can use these features in your articles.

Quick and easy search for knowledge

The most important point in a knowledge base is the quick access of users to knowledge. Meanwhile, search plays an important role in finding desired articles and knowledge. Dana theme works with fast and powerful WordPress search feature. This feature helps users to search in the title or text of articles (full-text search) and quickly reach the desired result.

We have even increased the speed. With AJAX search feature, the results will be available to you while searching, and in this way, the speed of accessing information will be multiplied.

Knowledge base experts

Whenever you want, you can activate or deactivate the display of your experts’ information on the system and manage their contact information as you wish. You can put the e-mail or contact number of any expert on the site and in this way provide the possibility of direct communication with the customers and audience of the system.

Creating any number of users, defining their role and limiting activities, inserting the image and title of the expert and recording their additional information by the manager or the expert are other features of the Dana system.

Personalization of the knowledge base

No one will welcome a site with a repetitive and monotonous appearance. You should be able to easily customize your knowledge base and give it the look and color you want. Here, the Dana theme personalization feature will help you. To use this feature, you don’t need programming or web design knowledge, and you will get the look you want with just a few clicks.

Knowledge base statistics and reports

In order to have a strong and professional management of the knowledge base and provide the best services to the audience, it is necessary to know the statistics and information of the knowledge base. You will be provided with useful information in this regard in the Dana knowledge base; Items including:

  • The number of articles included, the number of active topics and the number of articles visited by the audience
  • The effectiveness of articles by checking their useful or useless rate (checking the amount of likes and dislikes of articles)
  • Checking the statistics of searches made in the knowledge base and displaying it graphically in the form of all searches, successful or unsuccessful searches
  • Displaying search terms that did not lead to results to discover the needs of the knowledge base audience

By constantly checking this information, you can learn about the growth and activity of your knowledge base and identify its strengths and weaknesses and, if necessary, make appropriate changes to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

Dana features

Zoomable imagination:

Diverse list:

  1. Download the theme
  2. Install WordPress on a host
  3. Install Dana theme in WordPress
  4. Customize the Dana theme for your needs

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